Interested parties may visit the shop. Arrange a tour.

Step into the manufacturing world of another era.

Visit Bucyrus Copper Kettle Works LTD

As has been the case throughout the 141 year tradition of coppersmithing at 119 South Walnut Street, interested parties may visit the shop. Pre-arrangements are necessary for these visits. It is important to the coppersmiths at Bucyrus Copper Kettle Works, Ltd. that visitors can see the rich variety of products made by hand in a tradition that continues in this shop since shortly after the Civil War.

This Copper Shop, where work was began in 1874, is the last of the Old Copper Shops in America still making its original product – Applebutter Kettles – primarily by hand.

Commercially it produces, in addition to Applebutter Kettles, Candy and Caramel Corn Kettles, and Tympani. Its decorative line includes an assortment of Flat Bottom Kettles, Wastebaskets, Coal Hods and Shovels, Preserve Kettles, Ladles, Skimmers and Custom Work.

In the shop the original patterns are in use; experienced coppersmiths are at work; the blacksmith shapes handles at the old forge. New products are in the making—old products are on display.

The shop is in the original building erected in 1873.

Tour Hours: Monday through Friday – 9:00 & 10:00 A.M. and 1:00 & 2:00 P.M.
By appointment only, $10 per person and receive a commemorative coin.